Unlimited VIP

200.00 USD
  • Become a Unlimited VIP on Discord 
  • Get exclusive insight into upcoming server updates/features
  • Get higher priority than Limited VIP
  • Receive in-game "Unlimited VIP" tag along with access to VIP chat in-game (/v)
  • Receive a 35% discount at stores & dealerships
  • Receive a monthly in-game bonus of $85000
  • Access to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier of exclusive VIP only cars at the dealership (can't be traded or sold)
  • Receive a special flare on the r/LimitlessGaming subreddit
  • Get your own set of Discord channels for you and your friends to hangout
  • Access to a discord channel with all admins so that you may converse back and forth with the administration team. ** 
  • Skip the whitelist application and interview process. If you're a member of this tier, then you obviously take RP seriously. *** 
  • Ability to request an admin to grant Bronze VIP to 1 of your friends.
  • One custom car added to the game for you, and only you. ****
  • 1000 Credits monthly to use in the /credits case openings, for chances to win exclusive items.
  • A monthly donation store credit of $210

**Abuse of this channel, spamming, or tagging admins may result in access being revoked. 

*** Access to whitelist can be revoked at anytime for rulebreaking.

**** You must keep this tier for six months or your vehicles will be auctioned off. Vehicle subject to development approval. Strict vehicle requirements must be met. Depending on queue, it may take up to two months for delivery of this item.