Limitless VIP

500.00 USD

Why do you have so much cash laying around?

  • Become a Limitless VIP on Discord 
  • Get exclusive insight into upcoming server updates/features
  • Get higher priority than Unlimited VIP
  • Receive in-game "Limitless VIP" tag along with access to VIP chat in-game (/v)
  • Receive a 40% discount at Ammunation
  • Receive a monthly in-game bonus of $100000
  • Access to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier of exclusive VIP only cars at the dealership (can't be traded or sold)
  • Receive a special flare on the r/LimitlessGaming subreddit
  • Get your own set of Discord channels for you and your friends to hangout
  • Access to a discord channel with all admins so that you may converse back and forth with the administration team. ** 
  • Skip the whitelist application and interview process. If you're a member of this tier, then you obviously take RP seriously. *** 
  • Ability to request an administrator to grant Silver VIP for 1 of your friends
  • One custom car of your choice, placed into the game for you and only you. ****
  • A monthly donation store credit of $550
  • 1500 Credits monthly to use in the /credits case openings, for chances to win exclusive items.

**Abuse of this channel, spamming, or tagging admins may result in access being revoked. 

*** Access to whitelist can be revoked at anytime for rulebreaking.

**** With this  tier of VIP, the six month rule does not apply to you. May take as long as 2 months for delivery. Subject to Management approval / compatibility verification.